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I’m back after quite a while, still no broadband and working on mobile data here but I was able to post this gorgeous vegan banoffee pie recipe, it will melt in your mouth!

CLICK HERE or on the picture below for recipe.


Hello everyone!

It was a really big break, I haven’t posted anything since September and as I can see more and more of you are visiting my website! Unfortunately it was offline for a while because of payment method issues (I forgot to update my debit card, yup, silly me) but now everything is working fine!

I will start to post properly in December hoping for at least one to two proper posts a month, as long as time will let me to, I’m working full time and with travelling to work it’s not that easy, 10 hours a day away from home. Please be patient and soon you will see more recipes and articles here:)

Take care and GO VEGAN! :)

My last recipe included Mozzarella cheese made from chickpea water, however a true vegan does not waste any ingredients, so today, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, with a dough made form roasted chickpeas, it’s not only vegan, but gluten free as well:)

CLICK HERE for the recipe or on the picture below.


If you ever had any objections buying a vegan cheese from the store you can do it yourself at home, it will melt and taste amazing when baked on pizza or toast:)

CLICK HERE for the recipe or on the image below.

After releasing few pictures of a coffee cake on Instagram I’ve promised to put a recipe out, so here it is, rich and moist coffee cake, a bit of tiramisu style, but sweeter:P

CLICK HERE for the recipe or on the picture below.


Have you ever think what would happen if a muffin and cupcake had a baby? Now you know, whatever I made here:D It’s a really moist, melt in mouth muffcake, perfect for parties, birthdays or just a sweet little treat during a movie night:)

CLICK HERE for the recipe or on the picture below.