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As many of you might have already guessed from the title, the concept is very simple and that is: meat causes cancer. It is well-known that this information can be obtained from a variety of sources and scientific research results, but this time, however, the information comes from the World Health Organization.

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Dog Rescue Thailand is a non profit organization which main purpose is to give the stray dogs in Mae Phim / Rayong a better life and to diminish the number of suffering stray dogs.

Currently they take care of over 200 dogs of which 100 is kept in a rented shelter and another 100 is fed and taken care of on the streets of Thailand, they are fed and given a medical care. Organization is not getting any help from the authorities and they rely solely on the help of donors.


From 2013 DRT is renting a shelter and surrounding where they keep all the dogs they are helping, however current owner no longer wants to rent it out. It’s really hard to rent something with a suitable building or with a building permit, therefore DRT would like to buy land which would serve as a sanctuary for those animals.

Organization already found a suitable place with a small lake and with enough space to build even bigger shelter and maybe a small clinic. The cost of it is around 4 million Thai Baht, which is 113 thousand dollars, DRT has to pay in half of it before the end of January.

Till this date they’ve managed to raise around 10.000 dollars, however they need 5 times more than that, the minimum donation amount is only one dollar, if everyone who is visited my website to this date would pay in this amount the goal would be reached even today.

Links to the Dog Rescue Thailand:

Donation link:

Don’t let our dogs become homeless!

Please share this post to as many people as possible, remembering to include links provided above, let others know about Dog Rescue Thailand! The more people will know – the better chance of raising funds.

Thank you!

Hello my fellow vegans! Today I want to share a recipe for my favourite soup – butternut squash and baby carrot cream of soup, it’s a very simple recipe, purely manly one I could say and it’s great to keep in the fridge for few days if you like batch cooking to save time. One portion has a huge amount of fibre so it’s great for your digestive track and bowel health as well!

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I’m back after quite a while, still no broadband and working on mobile data here but I was able to post this gorgeous vegan banoffee pie recipe, it will melt in your mouth!

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Hello everyone!

It was a really big break, I haven’t posted anything since September and as I can see more and more of you are visiting my website! Unfortunately it was offline for a while because of payment method issues (I forgot to update my debit card, yup, silly me) but now everything is working fine!

I will start to post properly in December hoping for at least one to two proper posts a month, as long as time will let me to, I’m working full time and with travelling to work it’s not that easy, 10 hours a day away from home. Please be patient and soon you will see more recipes and articles here:)

Take care and GO VEGAN! :)

My last recipe included Mozzarella cheese made from chickpea water, however a true vegan does not waste any ingredients, so today, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, with a dough made form roasted chickpeas, it’s not only vegan, but gluten free as well:)

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